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Philippa Reid Dalglish is celebrating her sixtieth year by retiring from client work. However, if you would like to learn Phil Parker's Lightning Process, the exceptional 3 day bodymind training which Philippa used to teach, you can still do so. Excellent initiative - you are so wise to give yourself this life-enhancing gift. Follow this link to Phil Parker's website and find a currently licensed practitioner: http://lightningprocess.com/lp-register

Or if you already know Phil Parker's Lightning Process and just want a refresher/top-up in that excellent set of skills, consider going along to some of Phil Parker's sessions, or those of his team, at the Head Office in London, as well as finding your geographically closest practitioner, using the main site link: http://lightningprocess.com. There are also books, YouTube videos and other resources to help remind you of all the good that came out of your own Lightning Process course, so do use them too.

You deserve a great life and by applying these skills, you can have one - so go for it.

All the very best.


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